Posted by: D.A.S. Chicago | February 9, 2011

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

DASChicago now is your place for learning about upcoming events that can inform, entertain and relieve stress for you. Here are our picks for the weekend.

Chicago Dance is holding Magically Musicality at 7:00 pm. Here you will catch a dance performance, learn about dance and, be able to participate in dance lessons. For more info go to http//

Karaoke singing will be held Friday night at these locations at 8:00pm.

Shoes Pub
1134 W. Armitage

4424 W. Montrose

Both of these venues have the best ambiance and homely feeling that will melt any stress you may have and get you in the mood to sing your heart out.

On Saturday, Chicago Dance is holding dance classes for free for kids 6-12 ,as well as, for adults all day. Their hours are from 10am to 3pm. Do you want to learn salsa? Do you want to ballroom dance? Maybe you want to learn hip-hop. Whatever kind of dance you want to learn, Chicago Dance has it for you.


On Sunday, Golden Dance is having a stress relief ballroom dancing events for adults, if you want to two-step your way to relaxation! For more info go to http//


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