Posted by: D.A.S. Chicago | February 10, 2011

Valentine’s Day is Almost Here!

Ladies, are you tired of stressing about what to get your significant other the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Try using the performing arts to spice up your Valentine’s Day date! You’re probably sick of the same old routine: dinner, flowers, teddy bears, and jewelry… Well, maybe not jewelry… But today we’re sharing ideas of how to show your date how much you really appreciate his company.
For those of you who are in an intimate relationship, what do you know? Your man just hurt himself and needs to be treated. It’s time to bust out that old sexy nurse Halloween costume and use your acting skills. Role-playing is a fun way to lose yourself and turn your man on. He’ll appreciate your daring attitude, as well as seeing you in minimal clothing.

Not into acting? Perhaps dancing for your man sounds more exciting. Consider pole or chair dancing. FYI, pole dancing is not just for strippers. Flipping upside down and spinning from top to bottom is not necessary to please your man, unless you’re really ambitious. Even if you’re not experienced in pole dancing, any guy would go nuts watching a girl move sensually on a pole, and anyone can learn how to do it! Don’t have a pole? Any adult store in Chicago will usually sell them for about $100. If that’s too pricey and inconvenient, consider chair dancing. It’s just as fun and sexy as pole dancing, as well as easier and safer. Also, you most likely have chairs in various places in your home, so no need to hunt for one. An idea to consider with chair dancing is to have your guy sit in the chair and give him a lap dance.

Here are some places around Chicago that offer pole and chair dancing classes:
1. Pole Dance Velocity, near Foster and Damen, offers beginner pole dancing classes all day this Saturday and Sunday. Just make sure you RSVP to the class before you walk in! Each class is $35 at the door for a one hour session, but if you sign up for the class online, you only pay $25.
2. This weekend on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Flirty Girl Fitness offers pole and chair dancing classes. They highly recommend walk-in students to register beforehand so that you’re guaranteed a spot in the class.
Also, there are tons of video tutorials online on pole and chair dancing in case you want to save an extra buck.
Just make sure you don’t hurt yourself because that would be embarrassing, and it would totally kill the mood.

– Maria


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