Posted by: D.A.S. Chicago | February 11, 2011


By now you’ve noticed how we give you ways to relieve stress using the performance arts. For our very first tip of the week, I personally recommend ending it with dance! It could be anywhere, anytime, or with anyone. Do it in your underwear, with your kids, or at the club! Following are three reasons as to why dancing is good for stress relief.

Dancing is an excellent stress reliever because it offers great health benefits. It is a form of cardiovascular exercise, which allows you to burn calories and get your heart pumping. Bye bye pounds! It also releases endorphins from the brain, causing body tension to go away for you to feel less stressed.

Dancing serves as great stress relief also because it allows you to unleash creativity and emotions. I bet many of you readers out there bottle up your feelings. Well, once you start getting your groove on, those feelings will surface and be forgotten to leave you with a refreshed, stress-free mind. Create a new move or routine with your friends! What’s better than the company of loved ones?

Besides health benefits and expressing emotions and creativity, dancing also helps boost confidence levels. Find music you typically enjoy, and dance in a place where you feel most comfortable. After you’ve practiced your moves, you won’t be so worried about showing them off in front of others.

So just dance! Change up your style by listening to different genres, tempos, and rhythm. Get your groove on, and all that stress in your body will go away. Have a extraordinary, safe, and stress-free weekend!

– Maria


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