Posted by: D.A.S. Chicago | February 17, 2011

Interview with Lisa Dunlap

Interviewer: Jen @ D.A.S
Who: Lisa Dunlap, certified massage therapist and stress relief specialist
Where: Phone interview
Date:  Febuary 14th 2011

Q: How long have you been a massage therapist?
A: Since 2002. Eight almost nine years.

Q What inspired you to get into the field?
A:  I Wanted to do a trade. I like to help people and I’m a caring person, so I wanted to do something that went along with my personality. Massage therapy seem to fit.

Q: When you were training to become a massage therapist, what are some main causes of stress you were taught?
A: Daily routines seem to be one of the main causes, but person’s lifestyle also determines stress level. Therefore those with more responsibilities tend to experience more stress than others. Other contributions can be life challenges such as financial problems, funerals, things of that nature.

Q: Besides massage therapy, what are some other more physical ways of coping with stress that you would recommend and why?
A: Massage will relieve stress 100 percent, can but expensive, as alternative physical activities such as dancing, walking, exercise all help spread positive hormones which allow the body and mind to relax.

Q: Who are your typical clients?
A: Career professionals, teachers, nurses, business men and women are my main repeats.

Q: Do you go to them, or do you work from a spa?  What are you clients typically paying for a session?
A: I charge $ 1 dollar per minute. I call them minute massages. I do out-call, as well as in-home studio, so it varies. I’ve given five minute-sixty min massages. I’ve even travel three and a half hours to Chicago to do minute spa parties. I”ve taught stress release classes at University of Indiana, for sorority and fraternities. I’ve also volunteered at health events, teaching classes on stress relief and passing out informational pamphlets on the importance of being stress relief and the benefits of massage therapy.

Q: Do you have clients involved in performance art ? And what are some reasons they visit?
A: some. A dancer, singer, who both want to feel more relaxed,as well as release muscle tension.

Q: Are you a into the performing arts? Specifically dancing, singing, acting?
A: If you mean for the feel-good aspect of it, yeah. Driving, listening to upbeat music, singing  along, helps create more positive hormones. Ive found acting to help me convey different emotions and allow me to become other characters.

Q: How do you cope with stress?
A: Actually I am all about self-improvement, so I exercise and stay active. I love running,  playing basketball and rollerblading.

Q: Is there anything else that you do to relieve stress?
A: Cooking, cleaning and taking hot baths. Today I hula-hooped (laughs).l

Q: Do you network with other stress relief professionals?
A : Yes, I always learn more about exposure to techniques, and practices from other specialists.

Q: If our readers wanted to contact you for services or info regarding stress relief, where or how can they contact you?
A: Email me or visit


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