Posted by: D.A.S. Chicago | March 3, 2011

Life Is Short….Stress Makes It Shorter

Life Is Short… Stress Will Make It Shorter            By: Travis McDaniel

Life as we know it, has its ups and downs. We try to deal with situations the best way we can. Unfortunately, sometimes things do not turn out the way we want them to and we become stressed about these things. Whether we know it or not, stress is the number one reason for debilitating health individuals. Depending on how much we have going on in our lives, stress can pile up and begin to make us sick, cause high blood-pressure, cause migraine headaches and, possibly lead to bigger medical problems.

I am writing this because I am one of many who has succumbed to the debilitating effects of stress. I am a 25 year-old male who, has normally had great health, both physically and mentally. Recently, I have gone back to school to finish my communications degree, obtained a job where I work thirty hour work weeks and volunteer my time with a non-for-profit organization. Without me even knowing, all the activities I was involved in started to tear my body down. On Feburary 15th, I was taken to the emergency room of my neighboring hospital. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and severe chest muscle strain which, led to a minor heart attack. I never would have thought at twenty-five, I would be a heart attack candidate. Stress is a silent killer. It can be worse than cancer, or any type of virus that can inhibit our bodies. We try to live a long and eventful life. Stress though, can significantly reduce the number of years we live on this earth.

Fortunately, for myself, I have many ways to cope with the stress that caused my heart attack. First, I  play bass guitar. This is one of the ways that I cope with stress, or de-stress myself, so stress does not build up and cause another major health problem. Another way that I am changing my  daily routine is going back to dancing. Throughout my life, I have been an avid dancer, whether in dance groups or community recreation. So, dancing will and will always be, a leading way to cope with stress in my life. I hope you can take the story I have shared and make a conscious decision to lessen the stress in your life. Chicago has many facets that can help keep you healthy and stress free. Use dancing, use singing,and even acting. These are all great ways to help stay healthy and fit.


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