Posted by: D.A.S. Chicago | March 7, 2011

Share your joy!

Share your Joy!

Are you the type of person that wants to share your happiness with everyone else? When I’m happy I can’t stand being around people who aren’t. I either have to get away from them, or try to do something to change their mood. Sometimes a simple smile just isn’t enough. Ever notice when you get on the bus, or train in the mornings on your way to school you notice the atmosphere is sometimes sad, or even cold especially, on dark rainy days? It’s like the weather has a dramatic effect on peoples moods. Some people even go out of their way to avoid your gaze. They usually try really hard to keep looking out the window, or to keep their eyes on their paper.

You ever come across one of those happy go-lucky people on a rainy day and they are happy just because, it’s raining and you are sad for that very same reason? You want to be mad at them right? You may task yourself, “Why is she so happy, its cold and rainy for god sakes” Then all of a sudden they look at you and smile! Just seconds later you notice how their smile brightened up your whole day. So now you feel happy, or at least content again. Then you look at someone who looks kind of sad, did you notice how your own mood,or energy is lowered?

Well guess what, sometimes these people are you and me. Did you know that positive energy and negative energy has an effect on the problems or issues that may cause stress in your life, sometimes prolonging it? It does, think about it a second giving someone a smile passes positive energy on to the other person, and frowning at someone passes negative energy and we know this by the response given back to us. Check out this video on contagious smiling.

In this video you can almost see the positive energy being passed around. If it had a description it would be aglow, notice as each person gets a smile, their face lights up!

Now think about when you are that happy go-lucky person. Think about about what’s reinforcing your happiness. It’s usually a song that you are thinking of in your head that captures the way you are feeling,right?! I personally find myself thinking of feel good songs like “The way you smile” or “girl your amazing”! You ever heard the saying that “what you put into this world, is what you get back out of it?” This theory works best concerning the concept of energy. We D.A.S Chicago have tested this theory using an activity coined think-singing. Think-singing is when you are think of a song in your mind that puts you in a happy mood, or makes you smile. Think-singing can even make you dance sometimes. Think-singing in public smiling at sad looking people, we noticed an instant change in mood and facial expression!

So you’re probably wondering what made this idea come about? D.A.S Chicago believes in learning and informing others of different ways to help reduce tension and maintain a well-balance life. So we want you to test our theory of think-singing in public to brighten up someone else’s day. Share you experience with us and let us know if this method works? Smiling is like singing with your mouth closed, it soothes people, brings them to a more positive state and re-center them. Best of all, it’s contagious!


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