Posted by: D.A.S. Chicago | March 9, 2011

Exhausted From Your everyday Obligations? Your Not Alone!

How many of you are in college and feel like you have a million things going on in your lives? If your answer is yes, you will definitely relate to this blog. I’m a school journalist, record label representative, and a road manager for a recording artist that is on the verge to a major record label. With all that going on, I’m still working on trying to graduate in May 2012 in the college of Liberal Arts and Sciences with a degree in Communications. With music, I am able to express myself through dancing and having fun watching other people enjoy the music that my colleagues composed. Many of you who read D.A.S Chicago are taking on tasks that not only challenge you on the daily, but are helping you prepare yourself for the real world like myself.Stress is something that we all deal with but it shouldn’t take over your life.

Music gives me an extreme bolt of energy that takes a hold of me and I’m suddenly caught up singing out my favorite tunes or the song that I’m currently listening to. I’ve met so many people in the music industry that when I listen to their music, its as if they were speaking to me. Many times I look at video blogs of artists like Soulja Boy and others and see how they react when they feel a certain way. For example, when Soulja Boy received his plaque for his platinum status, he went and played his hit single “Turn My Swag On” to show how hard he worked in the past. When I want to celebrate a major accomplishment, then I also turn the song on because I feel the song reflects my hard work as well. Music takes my mind off my daily pressures and puts me in a calming zone.

(Soulja Boy showing his Platinum Plaque for his first studio album)

Having fun just on your own can be a way of easing pressures.  When it comes to me , music can tell a story and also be the soundtrack to your life as well. Personally, I love listening to Kanye West’s “Through The Wire”, because in the song  you can hear the pain in his voice about the struggles of trying to make a name for himself in the music industry early on. In this  first single, he was trying to break stereotypes and yet broke his jaw, nearly losing his life for his love of music. “Through The Wire” was sampled from Chaka Khans song, “Through the Fire”, and was recorded while he still was recovering from a terrible car accident which had his jaw wired shut. He recorded the song in takes as because it was painful opening his mouth as his jaw was still wired shut in the process.

(Kanye West, “Through The Wire” via RocaFella Records/Def Jam Recordings, 2003)

Music to me is like fresh air and could be that extra confidence booster for when your feeling down and stressed about the daily pressures that you have going on. With the many genres of music available, music speaks volumes to not only groups of people, but it changes lives as well. Listening to music artists and watching their videos is what inspired me to know the story of the artists behind the music and their lifestyle. As the years went by, I became more involved with the music industry and understood that some of the artists that I listen to actually go through the same situations that they speak about.

Trey Songz and I at UIC

If you are a music lover like me, although you may not necessarily see yourself singing, you might act out your own version of a video for the song to express your feelings.You may wake up with various responsibilities that drain you but one way to release tension is to a specific playlist for those tough times and let your mind ease. One day, you will find that a song you had in your iPod for what seems to be years ,all of a sudden tells you your exact feelings and speaks to your raw emotion.


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