Posted by: D.A.S. Chicago | March 10, 2011

House-oMatics Dance Group


During the dog days of summer in 1990, two brothers, Jermaine and Tremaine Wilkins came up with an idea to help inner-city youth cope with the daily stresses of school, home, and the dangers of the neighborhood criminal activity. House-o-Matics was then born. House-o-Matics was adance organization o take inner-city youth between the ages of 14-25, and give them the opportunity to do positive things that will take them away from the negative environments that they were exposed to. Along with this, House-o-Matics makes sure that youths excel in their academics so they can be a better and more productive individual.

House-o-Matics originally started on the southside of Chicago, Illinois, in the South Shore Bleach Clubhouse with only a handful of guys and two girls. As the House-o-Matic name grew and more youth wanted to join, different branches of House-o-Matics were started in other neighborhoods to make it more possible to reach even more inner-city youth. Whether you know how to dance or wanted to learn, House-o-Matics gave youth that opportunity to be a part of something positive. Because of this, House-o-Matics grew into an entity that  eventually created house music; now called “juke” music, style; from the costumes they created for talent shows, a new form of dancing, and finally, a reinvented lifestyle for people in the dancing genre. For years Chicago has been know as the birth place of house music and dancing but, House-o-Matics has taken it to a newer level by creating the new dance craze people are trying to learn and incorporate into hip-hop videos. The name of this new craze is called “footworking”. Footworking is a fast pace dance that makes your feet give the appearance of gliding or sliding across the floor;(definitely a far cry from the moonwalk). If one were to see this in person they would be in amazment of the dexterity and coordination of these dancers. Because of this new dance craze, House-o-Matics has been able to stick around  and maintain their popularity for twenty years. I myself know, since I have been a part of House-o-Matics when I was younger. So, with time, House-o-Matics  has constantly reinvented themselves so they can continue to be a strong pillar in the inner city communities and connect with the newer generations growing up. The way it looks now, House-o-Matics  has cut out a little niche for themselves in Chicago history for the past twenty years and will be around for another twenty. Thank you House-o-Matics  for your efforts in the community.For exciting footwork by House-o-Matics look at these  exciting videos.

Travis McDaniel


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