Posted by: D.A.S. Chicago | March 13, 2011

I’ve Had a Little Bit Too Much. Just Dance!

Between dancing, singing, and acting, I always choose dancing whenever I need to take a break from my everyday life.  Lately, there is much hype about dance video games, like Dance Dance Revolution, Just Dance 2, and Dance Central. I’ve seen the commercials, and the people in them seem to be having a great time. But from my perspective as a dancer, the moves seem really corny and amateur, which is why I haven’t had much interest in playing these games until two weekends ago. Here’s the commercial so you can judge for yourself:

A friend of mine has Just Dance 2 for Wii, and she swears that not only is it one hell of a good time, but it’s quite a workout as well. When a group of friends and I went over to her house for dinner one evening, we played Just Dance 2. My friends and I loved playing the game, and we ended up playing for over three hours! It was super fun, and definitely some worthy cardiovascular exercise! Just Dance 2 has three game modes:  Just Dance, Dance Battle, and Just Sweat.

Here’s an example of the the Just Dance mode:

The Just Dance mode is when you mirror the moves of the silhouetted dancing figures. The closer you are to mimicking each dance move, the higher your score is.

…the Dance Battle mode:

Dance Battle allows you to compete with up to four other players. There are five rounds of competition where the winner for each round gains a point. At the end, the dancer with the most points wins!

…and the Just Sweat mode:

Finally, there’s the Just Sweat mode, which is self-explanatory. This mode allows you pick how many calories you want to burn, and then you just dance it all off for as much time as it takes, sweating all the way. My friends and I definitely weren’t prepared to sweat a lot, so we stuck with the Just Dance and Dance Battle modes.

The game was totally more than I expected in terms of how fun it was, and it definitely gave me the workout that I needed to burn off all those calories I had consumed during dinner! Spring break is almost here, so this game is a great way for me to stay in shape for my exciting Wisconsin Dells vacation. After playing the game, I’m motivated to buy a Wii just so I can play this game. Now that the UIC dance team season is over, all I have to occupy my time with is school, work, and working out, which isn’t too exciting. Though I am desperate for a vacation, what I really need is a unique, new activity in my life to keep me from procrastination and boredom. So far, it has been an unexciting, rough semester. It’s also been hard to stay motivated to study and do homework with a clear, focused mind. Just Dance 2 shall be my new best friend!


– Maria


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