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Find the Professional School of Your Dreams that you have been looking for!


(Black Eyed Peas and their background dancers all posing alike in Toronto for the Much Music Awards in 2009, Photo by Bauer-Griffin at )

Remember the interview with background dancer Chozin a few weeks back? He came  from the inner city of New York and made his way to becoming a professional dancer. He has shared the stage with R&B stars like Chris Brown and Usher. Many people who want to pursue dance professionally don’t know exactly know how to achieve their dream of dancing professionally  like Chozin and many others like him did. Maybe some day you will be able to share the stage with one of your childhood idols!

In the interview, Chozin described that as a dancer you must know more than one type of dance to separate yourself from the rest. Training not only in different genres from ballet, hip hop, folk but environments like private shows and community events, will help you have a better chance to making it to a bigger stage. To train for and study various dance styles, search for the closest dance school in your area. In Chicago, there are many options to consider for a dance education. Chicago is one of the biggest cities in the U.S and one of the cities that have a large diverse dance community.

For those interested in studying ballet, for example, check out the Hyde Park School of Dance, located on 5650 South Woodlawn Ave. This school is known for its outstanding excellence in ballet training and provides students of all ages a chance to study and perform at the highest levels. “We are able to provide education to students from as early as three years of age, to eighteen”, states the secretary for the school. Formerly known as the Hyde Park School of Ballet, they now offer classes for students wanting to train in  Ballet, Jazz and Modern dance. The school offers a small program for adults as well, giving the school a diverse student population. What sets them apart from other dance schools you may ask? They offer a scholarship program that students who may not be able to afford the $195 classes. The secretary of the school as well said that the main focus for the school is to provide as much as an opportunity for anyone to learn the art of dance, no matter the income.

(Students from the Hyde Park School of Dance, taken from the school website)

For more information on the Hyde Park School of Dance, please call 773-493-8498.

If you want to attend a school that has more to offer in dance than just classical and contemporary, check out the Chicago Multi Cultural Dance Center located at 47 West Polk. This school offers classes such as: ballet, hip hop modern and even Latin dance as well.  On top of that, the school has companies such as Cirque Du Soleil, known worldwide for breathtaking shows, recruit for new professional dancers. The Chicago Multi Cultural Dance Center (CMDC) is a school where many talented dancers in the Chicagoland area can go to expand their horizons in dance and even get an opportunity to become a professional dancer with companies like Cirque Du Soliel. Speaking to the schools secretary, she stated that the school taught President Barack Obama’s daughters, Maliah Ann and Natasha, each when they were three years of age up until they left for Washington. I asked her about what CMDC offers that no other school in the city offers and she stated,“We have an intensive camp coming up in August 2011 for students serious about dance and also have an intensive camp for boys and girls that want to be serious about ballet called the YPP, Youth Pre- Professional Program.” The YPP is a summer intensive course that lasts eight weeks, the equivalent to two months.

(CMDC Students, taken from the schools website)

With these two examples of dance schools in Chicago, hopeful professional dancers will understand not only the fundamentals of dance but also what it really takes to share the stage with their childhood idols. With positive energy and the help of these two schools, many young talented Chicagoans will achieve their goals and have the same opportunities that background Chozin has.

For more information on CMDC, please call 312.461.0030 for more information.



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