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Nail Your Audition!

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At D.A.S. Chicago, our goal is to provide you with ways to relieve daily tension by using dance, music, and theater. So if you’ve got dancing, singing, or acting talent, why not put time into a musical production or dance group? You would be doing something you’re great at and love to do, as well as taking time off from your everyday obligations. But wait… you wouldn’t be able to just join the group. You would, of course, have to go through an audition process. However, auditioning for a particular role or spot is quite stressful in itself. You definitely have the talent, but then where do you go? What do you wear? Smile! Should you wear make-up? What piece should you sing? What will you do if you mess up? These are some of the most common issues that make performers nervous when they first go into an audition. Today D.A.S. will give you 5 important tips for preparation you need to get through your audition worry-free!
Go over those lines!
1. Know who and what you’re auditioning for. It’s important to do some research before the audition day and learn background information about the particular group (school, team, production). Know the general history and mission of the group and why you want to be a part of it. These are topics that judges might question you about, so you definitely want to know what you’re talking about in order to not get tongue-tied. Also, know what kind of genre or theme the group specializes in. Know what kinds of acts and personalities might portray that particular theme. For example, in a country-themed musical, you should practice talking in a Southern accent and walk around with your thumb looped around your belt. As a hip hop dancer, you would work on portraying a fierce attitude and having swagger. Portraying the personality that the judges look for will allow them to see that you naturally fit
the part, so you’ll have a better chance of getting the role.
2. Know the time and place for your audition. This tip is equally as important as the first two tips. Know the exact address of the place, plan for how you will get there, and how long it will take. Do NOT be late. Showing up late to an audition shows carelessness, irresponsibility, and unreliability. “It says a lot when someone walks into an audition late. I obviously can’t take you seriously if you come to try out late, wanting to be considered as a member of my team,” says Lindsey Jones, head coach of the UIC Dancing Flames. If you can’t show up to an audition on time, why would the judges think you would show up to rehearsals or a performance on time? It’s a great idea to even be about 15-20 minutes early so that you have time to mentally prepare or touch up your hair and make-up.
Always look your best!
3. Appearance. At the audition, you should look just like how you would as if you were in an actual performance. Along with your act, you must wear the right outfit and wear the appropriate make-up and hairstyle that your character will portray. Tricia Keating, head coach for the Kane County Chaos dance team, stresses the importance of appearance in a dance team audition:  “Even though you’re going to get sweaty and tired while learning the choreography, it’s important to portray the image of a professional. If you can look professional in an audition, you can definitely look professional at a game.” Again, if you look just like the role you’re trying to get, the judges will be impressed with how much you look just like your character! Going back to the country-theme example, you would obviously wear some flannel patterns, light-washed, dirty jeans, and cowboy boots. At a college or professional dance team audition, minimal clothing that shows off your figure, as well as voluminous hair, and bright eyes and lips are a must. With the correct appearance, it is guaranteed that you’ll already stand out from the rest of the group, especially if no one else has the right appearance like you do!
4. Bring your personal necessities. Firstly, you should find out if you need to bring anything specific for the audition, such as photo identification, health insurance information, a resume, an application form already filled out, etc. After you gather these things, be sure to pack extra cash, a snack to keep your energy up, a water bottle to stay hydrated, and any medication you might need. Also, bring extra make-up and hair products to touch up throughout the day.
5. Be cooperative, cheerful, and friendly. This applies to how you act toward judges and all other candidates. Don’t stress if you mess up as you’re auditioning or if you’re criticized. Having a positive and accommodating attitude shows that you are easy to work with and appreciate constructive criticism. Gabbie Galloway, former UIC Dancing Flame and current Chaos dancer stresses the importance of a positive attitude:  “Showing off your happy side adds to your overall impression. You want to show the judges that you are compatible to work with, and it’s never a good idea to complain! You could be the best dancer out there, but if you’re attitude isn’t on point, no one will be willing to work with you.” Be sure to smile and show that you are happy to be considered for the role you are trying to achieve!







With these 5, basic tips, you’ll be golden and stress-free at your next audition! Good luck!



  1. Great info. I realized a lot of people had no clue what goes into the audition process and much of the behind the scenes action of the performing arts world. I’m currently chronicling my audition experiences during this audition season we’re in now in NYC on my blog.

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