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Being an avid lover of music to sooth the soul,it was only nature to me to get involved in dancing. Dancing for me ,was an expressive way of telling my feelings, being at peace, and not thinking about the habitual routine of life. So, as I was thinking about something to write, I came across this electricfying dance group from Chicago. This group is the epitome of class act, and having fun while on your job.Eventhough these guys have had major exposure, I still felt alot of people need to know about these guys and the amazing things that they do.

What do you have when you put all the best “footwork” dancers in Chicago together? Well, you get the “FootworKingz”. Being a part of a dance group here in Chicago, (House-0-Matics) I can truly appreciate the showmenship, time, dedication, and creativity that comes along with being a part of a dance group. FootworKingz though are the, “elite of the elite “. These are guys who dance for fun, have a true passion for dancing and who has taken a way of getting away from everyday life and turned it into a career that has help form and shape the performance arts niche today. Here is a bio on this awesome talent.

The FootworKINGz are Chicago’s top footworkers. From ages 16-24, these young men represent strength, extreme energy, and power. For those that do not know what footwork is, footwork is a face pace, energetic movement with your feet. This “animation”, gives the impression of past genres of dance i.e. tap, and African culture dance.

FootworKingz was founded in 2007 by Leida “Lady Sol” Villegas, as a professional dance ensemble with a mission to “attract global recognition to Chicago’s unique style of footwork”. Footworking is energized, lower body movement that evolved as a response to House and Juke music. It has been described as “part tap, African tribal, and breaking.” “This style has been around for over twenty years and we want it to be exposed in the mainstream and all over the world,” says King Charles.FootworKingz is comprised of eleven members with their own style and charisma that they bring to Footworkingz. These members are Charles “ King Charles” Parks, Jaron “PrinceJron” Boyd, Tee Jay, A.G., Maddog, Bodilla, Basik, Lil’Kenny, Kemo, Hollywood, and Pause Eddie.

Being in Chicago, there are little opportunities for young  inner city men and women who are striving to accomplish goals. FootworKingz and other dance groups has given these youths those chances. FootworKingz has remarkably done something that other groups could not accomplish. That is mainstream recognition! FootworKingz has been in commercials, T.V shows, been on tour with some of the hottest performers, and has done philanthropy work for AIDS awareness. that is saying alot for just a group of guys just having fun.

King Charles and Prince Jron recently toured on Madonna’s “Sticky & Sweet” World Tour 2008-2009. Both are featured in Madonna’s new music video “Celebration.” Also you can catch Footworkingz in the “ Verizon “Do the Juke” commercial. In October 2009, FWK (FootworKingz) will release “Take Flight,” the first, quality DVD about Chicago’s “footwork” style including the development of the FootworKINGz  project. “We are very excited to release this extraordinary mini-doc and present these incredibly talented young men to the world,” states Ms. Villegas, Manager of the FootworKINGz.

FWK has been featured on local and global stages including New York’s Lincoln Center Outdoor Stage, Chicago’s “Looptopia,” Juste De Bout 2008 in Paris, Aids Run / Walk Chicago ‘08, Chicago’s Navy Pier, “Hip Hop Generation Next” in NYC, Steppenwolf Theater with Kuumba Lynx, Mc Donald’s World Wide Convention in Orlando, Weber State University in Utah, San Francisco Hip Hop Dance Festival, Best of Dance Chicago, and Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

I have had the opportunity to watch these guys during a live performance . They are breathtaking.  I also had the chance to talk with one of the members  over the phone briefly, it was evident that they care about dance and, the reason they do this is to get away from the hardships of life. “ Dawg, this group , loves to dance! You don’t think about anything, you are at peace with yourself and life seems simple. Oh it’s hella fun too.” Prince Jron told me while in the middle of a break during practice. Well, dance has definitely helped alot of people in their times of stress. FootworKingz is a great example of something you do for fun becomes an iconic and famous entity.



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