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Under-Exposed: The Sherhara Show!

Jennifer from D.A.S Chicago  sat down with the host and several live audience members of The Sherhara Show! The Show resides in a loft building @ 1932 S. Halsted, located in Chicago’s art district Pilsen neighborhood. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the area, Pilsen is located on the southwest side of Chicago.

If you’re looking for some good fresh live entertainment, prepare to be enlightened and entertained. While doing volunteer work at a performance arts school here in Chicago, Sherhara found an innovative approach to exposing undiscovered artists. She came up with the idea The Sherhara show to help not only kids, but all artists, giving them a platform to launch their dreams! You create it, she embraces and exposes it. This funky new live show will leave you with a combination of mixed emotions from, inspired to excited to relaxed. With a casual to upscale environment, The Sherhara Show is free and the perfect spot for fresh live entertainment and BYOB making for very social atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for music entertainment, lifestyle or art, this is the place to go!

Meet the Host!

About Sherhara: Personality, Producer, and Philanthropist. Fueled with passion, Sherhara makes it a daily goal to live and live hard. With a belief that we are all gifted in many ways, she doesn’t let a day pass without embracing her own talents and that of others. Easily excited by the arts, she can’t help but to provide a platform for the performer and a show for the spectator. As a performer, personality, and producer Sherhara stands firmly on the idea that if you create it, she will embrace and expose it!”

D.A.S Chicago could not pass up the opportunity to talk to this dedicated writer and producer of such a creative show, interested as to what goes into creating a show, this is what the woman in charge had to say:

D.A.S: Sherhara, we know that you have been breaking into the entertainment industry for some time now acting in plays like A Man’s Diary and The relationship game, as well as hosting other peoples productions, tell us how does it feel to be the producer and writer of your own show? and how does it compare, working on other people’s productions a cast member VS. being the producer of your own production?!

SD: To produce and write my own show feels awesome! Creation and feeling proud of what you’ve created is so fulfilling! Being a part of something that means something to you is just as fulfilling! So becoming a part of someone else’s production is humbling…to know that you’ve been chosen and recognized for your talents. Both Great feelings!

D.A.S: So Lady, tell us, Who is your show for, or better yet what kind of person would watch The Sherhara Show?

SD: The show is for the performer–cause I give them a platform to perform. The spectator–cause I give them a show! And the listener–cause I give them a lesson. If you fall under any of those, then this show is for you! I always say, “The better the insight to the artist, the better appreciation of the art!”

D.A.S: So when people watch your show, as the producer and host, what do you want viewers to take from it?

SD: I want people to be entertained and smile! But moreover, I want people to be inspired and motivated to do what they’re passionate about!

D.A.S: Sherhara you already know that we personally love your show, but for people who heard of “The Sherhara Show” but haven’t seen your show yet, How would you describe the energy, or the vibe of The Sherhara Show, including atmosphere and set up?

SD: It’s got that “X” factor. We positive and motivating energy! Makes you wanna do something!!

D.A.S: So with many options of what your show could be about, How did you come up with the concept for The Sherhara Show?

SD: With acting and dancing for years, I’ve been exposed to the arts and know how important it is to the people who perform and watch! The arts keep this world interesting! I knew I wasn’t the only one who thought we needed more venues, outlets, conversations, and energy to support the arts and the artists who create!

D.A.S: So following your show for some time now, we know that you are already in your second season of The Sherhara Show, which is even better than the first, can you tell our readers how this season is different from last season and why they want to tune it for your very next episode or, even become a live audience member?!

SD: This season has a different look. My video-grapher is an artist as well and I wanted to give him the opportunity to do more! Art is even present in the way we shoot and film the show! We’re also gearing to release new segments! More of my “Mammal Moments” and fresh new artists!

D.A.S: So would you are say that being an audience member of The Sherhara Show allows attendees certain perks and opportunities in itself? if so what are some of those perks and opportunities, besides being graced with your beauty?!

SD: LOL! Why, thank you kindly! And yes! Being a audience member allows you to meet the artists! There are so many venues that you can’t personally interact, here you can! And one of the biggest perks is networking!

D.A.S: If people can’t make it to The Sherhara Show as a live audience member or miss it live, how can they catch it again?!

SD:  They can watch episodes at and

D.A.S: Last but not least, being the producer of your own show we’re sure feedback from your viewers is of ubber importance to you, right? So would you like to know what your live audience members think of The Sherhara Show?

SD: I’m open to suggestions and feedback! I believe that supporting the arts is a collective thing! In order to give them a viable outlet I need the support of those who support!

D.A.S Chicago was curious as to what keeps audience members coming back to the show! As a D.A.S representative I was excited to find out what makes The Sherhara show stand out above every other internet television show. I was able to chat with guest to get some of the insider details we were all dying to find out.

Thrilled audience members that frequent the show like Shannon Smith, a mutual contact through prior business networks, shared how the show makes her feel more alive! She said “The show makes me feel competitive and inspired, it’s a very positive and motivating atmosphere, I like the idea of being able to support artist and being apart of a spring network to help launch artist into the mainstream light. it’s a great social networking atmosphere that allows you to gain insight to the artist, their goals, and what steps they are taking to make things happen. I would have the energy of the show is a mix between a relaxed atmosphere and an exciting audience, honestly it all depends on who or what’s being featured on the show that day, but its always entertaining as well as informative.” I experienced a similar reaction that Tuesday I attended.

Be a live audience member! Reserve your seat!!!

After sitting down with another audience member Devon Brant, a fire fighter that lives in the area, I discovered that he heard about The Sherhara show through Face Book! Stating that “I come to show my support for my home-girl and to get familiar with unknown artist of Chicago.  It has kind of a  “Rick James glow” lol! Just kidding, but it does have an exciting atmosphere. You never know who you are going to meet!” 

Another audience member Jennifer Danoski was personally invited to The Sherhara Show at a spoken word event where her boyfriend was performing. When Jennifer’s boyfriend was invited to attend the show Jennifer was excited to tag along! She said “I came today to support my boyfriend, who came to discover a potential outlet for him to practice his poetry! I think the show is very nice, I am actually impressed with how creative the show is. The host is very energetic, articulate, warm and inviting. I love that this show displayed a combination of art and fashion, or I guess a better term would be artistic fashion! The atmosphere is very upbeat and inspiring. I love the fact that the host encourages artists and viewers to follow their passion and to keep doing what they love to do.” I was actually impressed myself with today’s show, because the content was different from what I had seen in past shows, including more fine artists along with performance artists. See below pictures of an artistic jewelry collection entitled conversation piece fall/winter 2010 collection featured on The Sherhara Show by Ms. Deleay Lashay

The Conversation piece was designed and created to an emotion or outer expression of one’s self. The pieces give women the opportunity to make an outer statement that holds the ability to express an opinion. The desire to hold a conversation through your earrings!

The collections weren’t just laid out on a table, while the designer talked about them, She also brought her own models to the show, that gave a full fashion show during the interview explaining, how and where each piece can be worn! So The Sherhara Show is always giving viewers more, whereas before it was just art and music and now also lifestyle!

The last audience member I spoke with Jessica James a club promoter for Zentra and Rednofive night club told me she was inspired by one of the artist on The Sherhara Show. She said “ Actually I was inspired by an artist featured on the show last season, by the name of Real Talk a spoken work artist! During his interview he explained the difference between spoken word artist and poets. When he said that “spoken word allows individuals to write endlessly without restriction or limitations, with no set amount of bars to reach, you decide ending length of your piece.” made spoken word obtainable to me. To cope with pain of losing a loved one, I recently created a piece entitled The Balance of life: For Every Ending, There Is A Beginning! I came to the show today to relax and enjoy some live entertainment! I like The Sherhara Show because it has a real chill, mellow setting. The host Sherhara has the ability to make every person feel like an old time friend! I especially enjoy the social networking hour before the show because it allows me to catch with others that frequent the show! I would describe the energy as  a vibrant orange reddish color with a spicy spunky appeal! No, but seriously If I had to lets say describe it in three words I would definitely say active, engaging and energetic!

So there you have it people, you’ve read what I think of The Sherhara Show, you’ve read what audience members think of the show. We at D.A.S Chicago want to know what you think of The Sherhara show! So if haven’t seen it you are definitely missing out! S0, if you can’t make it on the first two Tuesdays of every month, no worries, catch past episodes @ and check out this episode and let us know what you think, I am sure Sherhara is dying to find out, afterall she produces the show for you the viewers so check it out and leave your comment, lets talk about it!


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