Posted by: D.A.S. Chicago | April 4, 2011

Derek Zugic Interview

A Day In The Life of Derek Zugic

Do you want to meet someone interesting? Someone who you probably have not heard of but, who is a “Who’s who”. Well, that is Derek Zugic. I met Derek almost a year when I starting working at the coffee shop that I presently work at. Derek is a calm, level headed person who has the spirit of God all over him. For you that do not know Derek Zugic, he is an actor, and a three time golden glove winner. I talked about getting an interview with him for this site and he was more than enough to oblige.

Travis: Well hello Derek, How are you doing today?

Derek: I’m doing great and blessed. How about you?

Travis : I am good. So tell the people a little about yourself.

Derek: Well, ummm, my name is Derek Zugic. I’m 29 years-old, and I’m from Serbia, I also am an actor and boxer. A pretty good one too.

Travis: Wow! That is pretty amazing. For the purpose of our audience,what got you into acting?

Derek: Let’s see. I was coming back and forth from Serbia and here in Chicago for my fights and I was approached by Chicago’s Finest Modeling Agency. At the time I had started to get tired of going back and forth and,  boxing was really beginning to wear on me at the time. Modeling seemed like something  I would like plus, it was something new and different.

Travis: How long have you been acting?

Derek: Oh, I say a year now. God, it’s gone by so fast.

Travis:Really? So what kind of acting have you been doing?

Derek: I’ve actually done small T.V. appearances, but I’ve mostly done commercials.

Travis: What have you been in?

Derek: I”m in quite a few addidas shoe commercials. I’ve done Toni Braxton’s        “Hands Tied” video, Erica Jane’s “Pretty Mess”video and a couple Prada  and Armani ads and commercials.

Travis: What was the first video you did?

Derek: Actually, My first audition was my first video. That was the Toni Braxton video.

Travis: How was the addidas  commercial? You have any favorites?

Derek: Yo! Definitely, the D-Rose commercial with Reggie Bush and the guys, that was crazy. We were playin some ball. Those guys are hella cool.

Travis: You said earlier that you got tired from going back and forth from Serbia and Chicago, how stressful was that?

Derek: That was very stressful. My family is back in Serbia. I got two sisters, a brother and my parents are there. My girlfriend is here in Chicago. So you can imagine the strain on me and my loved ones when it came to traveling and quality time.

Travis: So when Chicago’s Finest Modeling came to you, were you chomping at the bit to change your profession.

Derek: You don’t even have to ask that question bro. I ran into modeling. The acting part of it, I didn’t have a clue  what I was doing but, I learned fast and it kept me in one place at a time, believe it or not. It literally took that strain I had on me and lifted it away. I love acting now!

Travis: Hey, for our readers out there, what would you say to those who want to do acting to get away from the hassle of everyday life.

Derek: Hey, as long as you are doing something that keeps you happy, something that makes you smile, and definitely, something that puts you at ease. Do it! At some point in our lives we need peace and tranquility in our lives. Stress is normal in all our lives. It’s nice when you don’t have to worry about things. Acting for me does that. Hopefully for others, they can use acting or anything that grabs their interest to take them away from the hustle and bustle of life.

Travis: Well my friend, I thank you for your time. It looks like customers are starting to come back into the coffee shop. I would say back to work?

Derek: Yeah! Hey, if anyone wants to know Derek Zugic go to Derek Zugic on Youtube and Chicago’s Finest on Youtube as well. And  no problem Travis. Now it’s back to work.


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