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Eat Strength!

What labels should really say

It is said that “You are what you eat” so it is quite obvious that what we eat can affect our health and well being. Food fuels the body and keeps your body running all day long. Just like different cars take different amount and types of gas, so does the body. If your car runs on silver and you put regular gas in it, it’s not going to take you far. The body is the same way. Carey Arban stated in Holiday Diet, “We are living in an artificial food fantasy world where almost everything we eat has been treated or altered with chemicals and processing. Our fat epidemic is the tip of the iceberg.  Underneath this iceberg lies a huge, dark suggestion of disease. We are not exactly sure how the chemicals we eat might affect the delicate balance and processes within our bodies. Common sense tells us that insecticides, growth hormones, artificial sweeteners, flavors, and chemicals are not “good” for us.  Even if advertising tells us otherwise. The commercial food industry is not interested in our health. They want our money.  Their profit formula is to make food taste good (lots of sugar, oil and salt); give it a long shelf life (chemicals and preservatives); make it quick to fix or eat; do all of the above as cheaply as possible then advertise like crazy”.

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A healthy diet will help you stay alert, focused and energized. It will keep you sustained through your busy schedule. Performers (actors, singers, dancers) are “products” so throughout their careers they are selling themselves in order to get booked. They work long, irregular hours so therefore they are in good physical condition.  Stamina is crucial in the entertainment industry.
Because stress is part of our daily lives, we can’t really escape it but we can help keep it under control and avoid health related issues.  According to Everyday Health, “In fact, studies performed on mice show that the combination of a poor diet and psychological stress caused test subjects to pack on extra pounds, especially around their midsections. The weight gain caused the mice to develop high blood pressure and a pre-diabetic condition, common problems for people carrying extra belly fat”.
Poor nutrition can lead to lowered immunity which will encourage illness, so to gear yourself towards a healthier lifestyle, become a planner. Plan your meals in advance. Start your breakfast preparations and pack a lunch the night before.  It will save you the hassle in the morning.  “The best energizing foods are those that are rich in complex carborhydrates, proteins, antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, minerals and other health-promoting substances. Put these foods together along with small amounts of healthy fats for a balanced diet that is sure to provide you energy all day long”, Kathleen Zelman, of WebMD Weight Loss Clinic. Also, it is wise to carry around healthy snacks during the day to prevent hunger that leads to binging.

The biggest mistake people make is skipping meals.  I know you can get so wrapped up with work that you can forget to eat, I’m also guilty of that offense, but you should make out a designated time for each meal. “Remember to maintain a fairly regular eating schedule as part of stress management. The more you sip meals, the less concentration you will have during the day, which may lead to a stressful state”, says Everyday Health.

Once you have a regular eating habits and you are eating right, the last and most important tip is the intake of water.  Substitute your carbonated drink for water. Your colon will thank you later. If you noticed performers, serious ones, are always carrying around bottles of water because that is what fuels them throughout the day.  Drinking caffeine can give you a short-term boost or excitement but that’s all, it has nothing else to offer.  It leaves you feeling sluggish and lazy but water will keep your system running all day long.
These steps will lead you to a healthier lifestyle and a functional body.  It will help build stamina and endurance to tackle your day-to-day tasks. Whatever you do try not to become a back-slider, avoid temptations “don’t put yourself in the middle of McDonalds, if your weakness is French fries”, says Carey Arban in The Holiday Diet .
If we are what we eat then eat good health, eat life, eat energy, eat strength!

Visit Woman’s Day online for some healthier choices that will boost your mood.

Remember, your body is one of the factors that determines how far you can go. Do not let your tank run on empty.

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