Posted by: D.A.S. Chicago | April 9, 2011

Make the Most of This Spring! Summer is Almost Here!

Spring is finally here! And with spring comes spring fever, colds, and final exam preparations. Not fun. Where has the excitement gone? Time seems to go by much slower, and we become less motivated to take care of our daily obligations. While looking forward to the end of a dragging semester, start to make plans for the summer, or even next fall. Plan a vacation! Register for new classes! Better yet, join a new theater production or dance group! Putting a bit of time and energy into something new will help make time seem to go by faster, and motivation will kick in to finish strong! Also, by getting involved with the performance arts, you’ll view things with a fresh perspective and unleash some creative energy as well!
Is it Summer yet?
After spring break and with only three weeks left of this semester, I have felt quite unmotivated myself. Keeping busy with various activities is a great way to stay focused and on top of things. For me, I am a full-time student with a job, and I’m on a dance team. Each activity gives me a break from the others, and when I go back to them, I can work efficiently with a clear focus. During my sophomore year of college, my only responsibility was school. I was not employed, nor was I dancing. I had lots of free time, and I was constantly putting off my school work until after dinner, or after I took a nap, because I had the time. About a month ago, the season for the UIC Dancing Flames (the official dance team at the University of Illinois at Chicago) ended, so all I had to occupy my time with was school and work. (Part of my job is working at the front desk at UIC, and here all I do is greet people, answer visitors’ questions, and do my homework.) This time was often spent on YouTube, Facebook, and Jersey Shore reruns — a.k.a. procrastination — when it should have been spent on homework and studying. With other obligations, like my job and the dance team, I have limited time for studying and homework, and this limit motivates me to finish my work. In other words, a time limit makes it easier for me to set goals and achieve those goals.

The Dancing Flames’ halftime performance 2-16-11

As a member of the UIC Dancing Flames, the season is officially over, and all of my free hours have been put into working out at the gym, which is honestly very boring.  To keep some energy in my life, I recently joined a new dance team for the Kane County Chaos semi-pro football team, based out of the Chicago suburb, Aurora, Illinois. Practices for the Chaos dance team began during the first week of April, and the season will continue until the end of July. The Chaos came at a perfect time:  shortly after I was done with the Dancing Flames, and right as I was beginning to get lazy with school. With the Chaos, I have something to distract myself from school and work with, just as the Dancing Flames did. Now I can get back on track with school and work hard during these last few weeks to get the good grades I know I can get!


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