Posted by: D.A.S. Chicago | April 14, 2011

Global Getaway

Great Time To Get Away.. Try A Global Getaway

Tucked away in the middle of a block located in the rejuvenated Bucktown neighborhood, stands a place many people know little about but the one’s that do know, make it their hangout spot. Global Coffee and Cargo is a quaint little place with eccentric decor. Global Coffee has something that many coffee shops(Caribou and Starbucks) don’t have, an exclusive coffee and a wonderful family feeling. Everyone who has been to this place has been treated like family, (remembering names and having customers able to confide to the employees as if they have known each other for years.) and treated with open arms. That is what stands Global Coffee apart from the regular “Starbucks” and Caribou Coffee atmosphere. Also, Global Coffee has social events. On every other Friday Global Coffee holds an open mic night where anybody who thinks they have a talent, whether it be comedy, karaoke, recite poetry, or play an instrument, you can do it. Plus, it is free!  If someone feels like they need to have some fun, get away from the craziness of school or work. Global Coffee is where its at.

Walking into Global Coffee, the first thing you notice is the different styles of ethnic decorations. When I look at all the different styles, I feel at peace. Some of the regular customers at Global Coffee feel the same way looking at these wonderful works of art.The other thing that is great about Global Coffee is the outdoor patio and garden that any patron can come and sit and enjoy their food or beverages. For the people that have pets, the garden is animal friendly so they can run around and have fun while you enjoy a great Intelligencia Coffee or Rishi tea that has been rated as High as five stars on Yelp ( The people that work there are captivating. The manager, Derek Zugic, is a three-time gold glove winner and actor The head cook, Eric Harlston, is a distinguished sous chef that has been in the circle of the most re known restaurants in Chicago. The baristas,  DeShaun, and Jack, are local favorites with there charm and wit. Collectively, this place is a treasure that everyone should know about. Eventhough, this place has been open for almost two years it has the potential to be a long standing pillar in the Bucktown neighborhood for years to come.

If you want to,stop in! You can find Global Coffee at 2917 W Armitage.  Global Coffee and Cargo is open Wednesday thru Monday. From 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.Every other Friday is Open Mic Night! Enjoy, and have a wonderful time!

By: Travis McDaniel D.A.S Chicago


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