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Interview With Songstress:Saunceray Lindae

Interview With Saunceray Lindae

April 25th, 2011

by: Jennifer

Meet Saunceray Lindae: A-26-year old songstress who was born to entertain. The mix of her soulful R&B voice and eclectic, yet energetic, personality led to a dynamic groundbreaking performance leaves audiences wanting more. This Chicago native uses music as a means to address past experiences and personal growth, which is evident in every lyric that she writes. Striving to break stereotypical expectations set by current artists on the radio, Saunceray works hard to be a triple threat entertainer excelling in acting, modeling, & dance. Naturally talented, this artist has been singing since before she could formulate words always willing to perform    perform for family, friends, and even strangers. Her first single, “Shattered Heart (I Don’t Deserve This),” scheduled to be released mid-May, is a tune to bring light to the art of songwriting and vocal ability. As artist to look out for, Saunceray is a breath of fresh air from the Top 40, popular, over-played music currently spinning on our radio waves. In her words, “people are dying for change, let me be their life support.”

Jennifer Fallen: Saunceray, you seem to have quite a life to handle being a fresh new artist, What kinds of obligations do you deal with every day?
Saunceray Lindae: I am very passionate about my music. It embodies my entire essence. I am still employed outside of my music, so my obligation starts there first. Then I typically leave work and go to the studio, or I am home practicing. During my free time, I balance what I need to do as an artist and what I am obligated to do to maintain my stability. As passionate as I am about music I do understand that I must have stability in order to be successful.

JF: So how long have you been singing?
SL:  My mother told me that I would hum even as an infant and couldn’t speak. I started when I was a young girl. I remember singing in a pageant when I was in day care, I made my whole family sell a bunch of tickets to help me win. When I lost, I had my very first diva moment (laughs).

JF: How did you get involved in singing?
SL: I got involved singing in church. I always sang in the choir, and it spilled over to grammar school. I would do ANYTHING to sing. I would sing the National Anthem every morning over the intercom, Sing in talent shows,plays, the Museum of Science and Industry, anytime they said sing, I would belt.

JF: You’re definitely a theatrical  singer! What is it about singing that makes you want to do it all the time?
SL: There’s something about connecting with the audience that is just thrilling. It’s rewarding to know that they listened to your lyrics, can relate to them, and that you have a talent that can be used to completely change some-one’s mood.”When I perform that’s my time to say how I feel and pour my heart out. That is my time to become the person i envision inside of me and really express myself.

JF: But you can pursue a singing passion in other areas besides the studio. Are there any other places you like sing? I read on your face book page that you like to karaoke?
SL: .You most definitely can pursue singing outside the studio. The studio is therapeutic; it’s the medium to release all of your emotions. Performing connects the emotions to the audience. You know, makes it real. I love karaoke, because it’s the place where ANYONE can have a good time!”. I will sing anywhere the mood hits me, even when I’m shopping…(laughs).

JF: In what ways does karaoke benefit you? Socially, individually, artistically?
SL: Karaoke is a really free environment where you can just enjoy music with your friends, even if you can’t sing a lick. I use it as a means to practice as an artist. I practice on being honest to the lyrics and true to the spirit of the song. Not to mention, there are a number of connections you can make there. You never know who will show up to do karaoke. It is a great place to get over my stage fright and introduce myself to my future fans.

JF: As we’re talking here, I notice how you’re sort of singing as you speak! (laughs)
SL: Dang, you caught me! I do that from time to time without even knowing I am. I will turn anything into a song. I study artists who talk to their audience and they will break out singing but STILL be talking to them (Sings). It helps me to practice on singing to my audience outside of a track; it’s that connection.   

JF: Well with all of your work and studio commitments, would you still say karaoke helps take your mind off of your hectic life to give you a well-balanced lifestyle?
SL: It most definitely does. It is a form of relaxation for me. It also helps to keep me humble. You can learn a lot about performance from doing karaoke. Do you know how many people can’t sing but can give an awesome show? They captivate you with their presence and energy; I love that!!! Seeing all the smiles as people sing songs that are outright outlandish warms my heart.

JF: Sounds like singing does nothing but good for you! Would you recommend karaoke to others who may have too hectic of a lifestyle?
SL: I recommend it to anyone who’s wants to have a good time with friends and just let their hair down. But it can also be a financial gain as well. Right now I am doing a karaoke competition in Kenosha, Wisconsin and it has a cash prize. When i win, I am going to use the money to fund some studio projects. YES, I said WHEN I win, I am a strong believer in claiming what you want and it will manifest itself.

Want to see more of Saunceray? she’ll be performing at the Rush street lounge May 6 at the Best Western in Kenosha, Wisconsin this Friday at 10pm! She will also be at many events/shows here in Chicago in the upcoming months.To find out performance schedules, or other inquiries, contact her at


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