Posted by: D.A.S. Chicago | May 5, 2011

An amazing Interview with Jessica Menasic

Dancing To The Beat:

An Interview with Jessica Menasic

Jessica Menasic is a bubbly, and outgoing person who,is an avid dancer and social worker who works through dance therapy. Jessica seems to be well grounded when you get to know her. For our interview I met up with Jessica at one of her social functions to talk about her dancing as a way of staying grounded and focused in her crazy and fast-paced schedule.

D.A.S. Hello Jessica. How are you doing?

Jessica: I’m good. So, what would you like to know about me?

D.A.S : Ok. First, tell us about yourself, so our readers know who you are.

Jessica: Well, I’m 28. I am an avid dancer who uses dance to get more involved in social work with inner city youth. I am versed in Hip-hop, jazz, and house dancing.

D.A.S : How long have you been dancing?

Jessica: Since I came out the womb. (laughing) Actually, since I was 10. I’ve always like Hip-hop. My mother made me take tap dancing, and growing up I Just fell in love with house dancing. I’m actually trying to stop myself from dancing right now.

D.A.S :  That sounds so interesting.. What was your thoughts on trying to incorporate dance into your social work?

Jessica: Ok, look at me. I am a little oh white girl. I want to get involved in community in urban communities. How do you do that? Dance is a major pillar in inner city neighborhoods. I figure, “Hey ,to catch people’s attention, you have to do something, unexpected. What better than a white girl teaching dance to help inner city youth.” How does that sound?

D.A.S : That is wonderful. Tell us, Why do you love dance so much?

Jessica: Its sooo fun! I am in a world of my own. Dance just frees my mind from everything going on around me. That is a beautiful feeling.

D.A.S : That sounds fantastic. Do you think that your way of reaching out to the youth will have an effect on people?

Jessica: Oh, definitely. I know it will. I’ve had quite of few people ask questions about how do I know how to do all the new dances and  alot of people ask me,“ How does a white girl learn how to dance like to dance.?” If they are asking questions that means I caught their attention. That is my way to start talking about helping change the scape of their community.

D.A.S.  Well you certainly have something there that no one else has as far as pulling people in to get more involved in the community. Where do you do this dancing, so people can know how to find you?

Jessica: I can be found in a lot of the community recreational centers in the Chicago Park District. I’m based in the Southside of Chicago. If you want to see where I will be next, email me at Well, I’m sorry but I have to do some “meet and greets”, it has been a pleasure being interviewed and I hope your readers get a chance to know who I am. Hey, You want to come with and get a dance or two afterward?

D.A.S.: Absolutely! I get a chance to see what other people need to check out. Thank you for your time.

Jessica: No problem. Let’s go!


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