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Hanging with the New Boyz: Seeing why they are Too Cool to Care

At D.A.S, we try to highlight the many people that are succeeding in the fields of music, dance or acting. The New Boyz are a duo that not only rap, but have created a name for themselves and a culture, known as the “Jerk Movement”. Their first single, “You’re a Jerk”, blazed through airwaves and peoples ears in the summer of 2008 as they had people worldwide learning the dance. A couple years later, they continued their hard work and kept the buzz going working on their second album,”Too Cool To Care”. While they were in town for a show, I linked up with them via their Manager, Ben J’s father, Marc, as  they were doing sound check at the north side Chicago club The Metro.

DAS Chicago: What’s going on readers? I’m here with them New Boyz
Legacy: What’s up?

(me and the New Boyz, Legacy and Ben J)

Legacy, Me and Ben J after the interview at their backstage area
DC: So what’s going on with you guys?
Ben J: Just chilling right now man, we are at sound check in Chicago
L: We also have a new album out called Too Cool to Care so we are on a radio promotional tour run for that as well.
BJ: Doing it big.

DC: So you guys were in Australia a couple weeks back, how was that experience for you?
L: You were there?

DC: Oh no I just heard about it and saw pictures.
BJ: That tour was crazy! That was one of the biggest tours we were on. Shout out to all the artists that were on there, (Bow Wow, Fat Joe, Snoop Dogg). We had a lot of fun on the tour.

DC: So let’s take a step back into the past and how you came on the scene with “You’re a Jerk.” You guys created a dance movement that had kids from six years old to the elderly learning the dance. What exactly is the dance and how did it become popular?

L: The jerk is the movement of the legs where people groove. Everyone thinks the jerk is the reject, which is the dance with the backwards running motion. It started in Los Angeles and was a gang banging dance originally, then teenagers seen the dance and started to adopt it. We made a song about the dance, which was our first single.

You’re a Jerk Music Video by the New Boyz (
DC: So not only have you done that, you have also helped other artists from Los Angeles come into mainstream, most noteworthy, the Rejectz. How do you feel about them expanding the movement?

BJ: Shout out to the bros! They are doing their thing. They are doing it for the youth as well and having fun with what they got. We will defiantly jump onto the movement.
L: They are the homies from Los Angeles so it’s great to see them doing their thing. They were actually in our first ever music video so shout outs to them!

J: You guys also have your own style with the skinny jeans. Now were the skinny jeans apart of the movement?
BJ: Yes sir the skinny jeans were defiantly part of the movement. The jerking movement was not only just a dance but a whole culture. It was like a business and helped young kids to grow more business orientated by branding themselves.

New Boyz cover for their first album, Skinny Jeans and A Mic
DC: Tell us about your album, Too Cool to Care?
BJ: Yes sir, the album, which has the single “Backseat” and a new song featuring Big Sean “I Don’t Care” that’s spinning, shout out to Big Sean! Too Cool to Care is a well put together album. We have a lot of dope tracks and along with it as well.

Album cover for their latest Album, Too Cool To Care
DC: How is this different from your debut album?
L: Us as artists, we definitely grew from that because our first album came out in 2009, but we recorded it in 2007/08. It’s an old album and like as artists our lyrics got better and just what we are into nowadays has changed from before hand. So the album is pretty much the same feel, but just improved.

New Boyz- Backseat


DC: What advice do you have for upcoming artists that are trying to be in your shoes?
L: Stay grinding, be humble and study your craft. Don’t come in here thinking that you’re going to get a deal. Know the game, know all the big words, and read in between the lines and the fine print. Just study your craft.
BJ: Study your craft and stay dedicated.

DC: Thanks again for taking time out!
Legacy and Ben J: No problem, appreciate it!

For more on the New Boyz, please check out and also

-Jelani Whitehorne


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