Posted by: D.A.S. Chicago | May 5, 2011

Traveling: In the words of popular music artists

(Chris Brown travels in style on tour, well not really)

I have always wanted to see how life on the road for certain artists were ever since I worked with Chris Brown in 2007. At that time, Chris Brown was on tour headlining, called the Up Close and Personal Tour”. There were many times I over heard people discussing the trials of how hard it can be as a professional entertainer to travel so much and wondered how other artists felt about their daily schedules. For a couple of weeks, in March, I went to interview a few artists on how they feel about traveling.

It seems like every Tuesday or Thursday; a new music artist would come in town while I have a million classes and mess my whole schedule up. Through the times I have met up with various producers and artists, I have also seen how hectic they travel from town to town. K Michelle, a very soulful female 3 R&B singer, was in town during the first round of the NBA playoffs. I met her downtown at her hotel with her management Bobby and Delante. “Man, yesterday and the day before that we were in LA shooting a music video, I really haven’t slept in 72 hrs” says Bobby, who has been with the singer for a couple of years since she came on to the scene.

Being a popular music singer is more than glitz glamour and music. Traveling takes a TOLL on a music artist when they have a busy schedule. “Yesterday I was shooting a video in LA and today I’m here eating and sitting with you in Chicago” says K Michelle who took time out her busy schedule to answer a few questions about her new song, “How Many Times”. She was to perform at a show later that day at The Shrine and then go and do press with JET/Ebony magazine that day.

“Traveling is apart of the grind. That’s how you are going to make your money” says an executive from Universal Music Group. I met up with Hip hop act Travis Porter as well a couple weeks ago downtown Chicago and asked what a day in the life was for them. “Just the other day, we were in New York premiering our new video on 106 & Park. The next day, it’s on the road to Chicago, a couple days later another city” says Strap of Travis Porter.

Seems like traveling is not only a big part of an artists schedule but is essential for them to stay relevant. A representative from Warner Brothers Music Group “In order for you to get your records played, you have to travel and meet people. As an artist you have to show your face.”

As someone that really wants to delve into the music business scene, this excites me. I LOVE to travel, and understand that the grind of working in the industry will not only be hectic, but a better person. I have traveled so much in my life that its become second nature to me and love the feeling of going from one place to another. Going to meet artists at their hotels and/or meeting them at radio can only  have me dream of the time my time comes, one day in Chicago, next night in New York, next morning in Los Angeles. That is something, I will surely look forward to as I continue to work my ranks up in the music industry.

-Jelani Whitehorne


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