Posted by: D.A.S. Chicago | May 5, 2011

Why Are All Those Girls Covered In Blood

I’ll tell you why. Because this is  BLOOD WRESTLING! Forget about that bar out in the boonies that features girls wrestling around in oil or mud once a month. You can leave that stuff out in the country where it belongs. Chicago is the capital of all things extreme, and what is more extreme then a night of loud music, good beer, and half naked chicks grappling and wrestling in an inflatable pool filled with fake blood? Yeah, I said it. The blood is fake. Are you relieved? It’s just some corn syrup and red food coloring with a little bit of warm water in there so the girls don’t freeze. The shows happen about once a month and are the perfect way to unwind after a long week. So relax, sit back, and enjoy the show.

In the beginning, there was Gore in the Whorror. A zomblie film that is currently being filmed on the South Side of Chicago, in the Pilsen neighborhood to be exact. Gore in the Whorror is an ongoing project that was started by three very dedicated individuals: Donna; Fabian; and Tony. They were the original founders of Obscure Productions, the group that produces the movie and puts on the wrestling shows. The blood wrestling shows were started both to raise money for the film and to be an element within it. The basic premise goes like this: a zombie epidemic has struck Chicago. The surviving inhabitants of Pilsen have banded together to protect their turf from the mass of undead. Since even killing zombies can get boring after awhile, the locals throw shows in which bands play, and the Blood Dolls wrestle. The Blood Dolls are members of the Pilsen Mujeres Slashers, one of the local groups, who wrestle at the shows. Why blood? Well, with all the zombie slaying going on everybody’s pretty much covered in it anyways.

According to Donna, the main organizer and promoter for the Blood Wrestling events, “anyone that is into having a good time and loves the obscure things in life should be here. The live music makes it a blast, and the girls wrestling in blood always gets the crowd going. The Blood Doll Shows are a new look at entertainment.”

Some of the local bands that have been featured at the shows include DisrobeVicious AttackEskeHot Lips Messiah,Dead N GoneSoul Pollution and several more. These bands represent many different genres, from Hip Hop, to Punk, to Metal. The girls are mainly local to the Pilsen neighborhood and have been recruited through the network of people involved in the movie and the shows. Having both the local bands playing and the girls wrestling is a great way to get different groups of people together at the show. “I honestly had no idea that this whole blood wrestling thing was going on.”said Steve Weber at one of the shows in March. “I heard that Vicious Attack was playing and came out to support. This was a total added bonus.”

So whether you like extreme music, an extreme stage show, or just want to gawk at all the attractive young ladies, the blood wrestling shows of Obscure Productions are the place to be. For those involved all of the physical activity is a great at relieving stress. If you’re watching in the crowd you’re guaranteed a thrilling show that will leave you feeling excited and exhilarated. To find out when the next show is going to be check out these pages on facebook…

Obscure Productions

Gore in the Whorror

Pilsen Mujeres Slashers

Keep in mind that they’re always looking for more girls to wrestle and volunteers to help out!


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