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Viva Ceaser!


Chibuikem Nwakanma, who goes by Chibbz is a rising star who resides in Chicago. Born in Nigeria, where he also lived for 12 years, he has a unique sound. Chibbz currently attends Columbia College Chicago, where he studies Music Marketing. He has recently released his first mixtape “Rap Ceaser”, which has gotten alot of good reviews from reputable Hip-hop blogs, such as Datpiff and Andwepresent.  Chibbz sits with DAS Chicago to talk about his take on Hip-hop.

Mixtape Cover

Das Chicago: What drew you into writing?
Chibbz: Poetry and bad experiences when I reminisce over shit. I write most times for my own therapy because I spent a lot of time by myself. So writing is an escape, it’s also a way to express my appreciation for the culture of Hip-hop.

DC: So you would classify yourself strictly as a Hip-hop artist?
C: I am not just a Hip-hop artist. I have a deep appreciation for all types of music but my core is Hip-hop because it inspired me to want to be a part of the music world.

DC: What is it about Hip-hop that drew you to it?
C: The raw honesty of it. The delivery of the words and messages are not diluted like other  genres of music. It is more intricate than most genres except for country music because you can easily tell a story and Hiphop has the best story-tellers in the history of music. Artists like Nas, Jay-Z, Ice-cube and Biggie Smalls.

DC: Is there a specific time of the day that you write?
C: I don’t really have a specific time to write. I write whenever I get inspired. Words just come to me and if I happen to have a writing utensil on me, I’ll jot it down so I can remember it later.

DC: You mentioned “honesty” with Hip-hop, would you say that your most cherished work is linked to your moments of “honesty”?
C: Yea, If I’m not able to express my honesty through Hip-hop, I would lose my taste for Hip-hop. Hip-hop is rooted from honesty. The boldness of the founding fathers of Hip-hop is the reason why Hip-hop is even recognized today. Songs like: “911 is a joke” by Public Enemy and “Straight outta Compton” by N.W.A were reflections of  the honesty that made Hip-hop what it is.

Mixtape Back Cover

DC: DAS Chicago promotes a healthy lifestyle through Art. What is your normal day like?
C: I spend ALOT of time with family. If I’m not at school, I do what independent artists do. I’m either   recording, listening to beats or promoting my product. I’m trying to build my brand.

DC: What would you say causes tension in your daily life?
C: I’m a student so school of course and relationships with certain people. I’m starting a video company, a field that I know nothing about but I have an interest in so that’s another thing that I have on my plate.

DC: How do you deal with stress?
C: I work with time. I have different goals and I set them at different times. I try not to double-book so I have enough time to commit to what I’m doing at that moment. But generally, like I mentioned earlier, music is my escape and I use it to unwind.  I listen to all kinds of music depending on my mood. When I’m stressed, I listen to up-tempo music to boost my mood.

DC: How long do you think you are gonna be writing for? Would you consider it a hobby or a career goal?
C: I see myself writing till I get arthritis. Except for that I’m going to write for the rest of my life or till the world blows up.  I see it as a hobby because I enjoy doing it and also a career goal because I can’t see myself doing anything else.

DC: 10 years ago would you have taught that this would be part of your future?
C: Hell no.  I come from a background that doesn’t see music as a real career but I loved music growing-up. I was a huge Micheal Jackson fan.

DC: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
C:  In the next 5 years? I haven’t thought that far but I hope to be successful as a recording artist. Later on in life, I want to be behind the desk representing other great artists.

Interview with True Star Radio on Power 92.3 Chicago

For more on Chibbz, Visit his official youtube page ChibbzCeaser.


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