The Core: center Stage for Stress Relief

D.A.S. Chicago informs the public of alternative ways to practice stress relief by engaging in performing arts to balance your lifestyle.

D.A.S. Chicago is for people who are open to exploring the world of entertainment as a means to living a low stress lifestyle. This blog targets people with anxiety, people who get  limited physical activity and people who occupy high pressure roles (parents, students, employees) with special interest in performance arts.

D.A.S also gives information about classes, events, and activities that informs the public of fun innovative ways to deal with stress. This blog includes, but is not limited to: upcoming productions, reference sites, affordable nearby studios and other performance facilities. D.A.S Chicago informs you on how to use the performing arts to cope with stress, type conditioning for the perspective individual and tips and helpful hints to succeed in creating the core for a well-balanced lifestyle.

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